A2 Milk- Hype or Health?

Milk has been an integral part of many Indian homes since ancient times. Most of us have grown up with a firm belief that milk is the most important source of Calcium and consumed everyday. There have been many nostalgic memories associated with milk from the evergreen advertisements to the yummiest recipes passed on from our grandparents. 

Our ancestors have been lucky enough in procuring and consuming Fresh Cow Milk straight from the source. However, the business landscape of dairy products has changed considerably with increase in population, increased demand and with the advent of newer technologies. Quantity of milk production has greater focus over the quality and their nutritional aspect.  

When milk plays such an important role in our daily eating routine, is it fair to consume less nutritious milk? It’s quite intriguing to see many discussions and studies over “Milk”, nature’s second best gift after “Water” to mankind!  Let us understand why,

What is A1 and A2 milk?

Have you ever wondered if our body has the capability of digesting milk from another animal? 

Milk has an important amino acid called beta casein. Both A1 and A2 milk have beta casein. The A2 beta casein milk is nutritious and bears no ill effects on our health. However, thousands of years ago the beta casein in some European cow breeds underwent a natural mutation. One amino acid in the 67th position in the polypeptide chain changed from Proline to Histidine.

The Histidine amino acid in the A1 milk could have an impact in the protein metabolism in human beings. Those who have the inability to digest this A1 beta casein may have digestive disorders/ discomforts, inflammation, bone degeneration, type 1 diabetes etc to name a few. 

Benefits of Desi cows milk or A2 milk: 

  1. Just like how age old spices like turmeric, clove, cinnamon, pepper are used as immune boosters, desi cow milk is another such centuries old immune booster. The Indian pure cow breed has a hump (nadi) on its back which absorbs the sunlight and produces nutritious milk. Desi cow milk is a good source of Vitamin D and Calcium. Vitamin D, a fat soluble Vitamin D is present naturally in foods, milk being one of them. Vitamin D helps in absorption of Calcium in the gut. Vitamin D and Calcium prevent interaction of muscles, promotes bone growth.(source of information :https://www.webmd.com/diet/health-benefits-a2-milk#1)
  2. Keeps your memory sharp and great source of Vitamin B12 essential for brain health.
  3. Avocados are not the only ones with healthy fats! Desi cow milk is highly nutritious and has healthy fats which makes it great for weight watchers. Consuming the milk reduces binge eating and gives the essential nutrients for the body. 
  4. The A2 milk has amazing healing properties, they reduce inflammation and thereby reduce the allergies. 
  5. The desi milk has nutritional characteristics making it a great source for improved energy and stamina.
  6. The proline amino acid in A2 Desi Cow Milk eases the digestive process. People with Lactose intolerance can also try and consume A2 milk as a great alternative to people who don’t prefer plant based milk.
  7. The desi cow milk is highly palatable, the milk is sweet and pleasant in taste, aroma is fresh and doesn’t require addition of taste enhancers.
  8. The desi cow milk can be consumed across the age group from infants to adults to old people. 

A2 desi cow milk at Back2Basics:

Studies conducted by scientists have revealed that native Indian breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Thaparkar yield or produce Nutritious A2 Milk.

With the increased awareness on the benefits of A2 milk and numerous supported studies conducted on this variety of milk, many people are shifting their preferences to good quality farm fresh desi cow milk. The lack of availability of quality A2 milk motivated us to start this venture.

At Back2Basics we have sourced pure breed Gir and Sahiwal cows. Our cows are fed with homegrown green fodder and we ensure to take immense care of their nutritional aspect and are taken care with utmost respect. Both our cows and their calves are fed with natural nutritional supplements like Ashwagandha, Giloi, Daliya etc. we ensure the raw milk is delivered within 2 to 3 hours after extraction. Leftover milk is used to produce Desi Ghee using the traditional Bilona method. 

As entrepreneurs we prioritise the quality of milk and the safety and well being  of our cows .. Our aim  is to provide fresh , nutritious,  unadulterated and hormone free milk and milk products  to our patrons . 

 For more details contact us at +91-9810124427 or visit us at https://back2basics.in/ 

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