Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

As part of our endeavour to go Back2Basics we have recently launched our cold pressed yellow mustard oil. Our oil 100 percent natural and pure .Its made from the finest quality mustard seeds sourced from organic farms in India .The seeds are grown without use of any chemicals or pesticides .
Cold Pressed Process ensures that none of the nutrients are lost.
First Press oil makes it perfect for Indian cooking .The light yellow colour is indicative that oil is from first press unlike the oils available in the market that do not have this light yellow colour and leave a pungent taste while cooking.

Rs. 310/-  500 ml –
Rs. 569/- 1000ml –

Copy of mustard-oil-300-by-400

Virgin Coconut oil

Back2Basics Virgin Coconut oil is Cold Pressed and 100% Natural. Our oil is extracted from the coconut milk of the freshest and organically grown coconuts producing only the highest quality oil. The cold pressed method ensures that the oil retains all its nutritional value.

This creamy extra virgin oil has a rich aroma and an enticing light coconut taste.
Ideal for medium heat cooking, direct consumption, oil pulling and great for hair and skin. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is also perfect for baby massages and soothes nappy rash.

Rs 465/- 300ml

Copy of coconut-oil cold pressed-300-by-400
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