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About Back2Basics

We at Back2Basics believe in the traditional practice of eating pure and natural food as was done by our forefathers. It’s our endeavor to provide unadulterated and wholesome products that are sustainably produced for our community. Back2Basisc is all about nutrition, love, and an unflinching commitment to our Indian traditional Vedic wisdom.

Our story started in 2014. It was the sheer lack of availability of natural and pure A2 Cow milk and milk products that led us to venture out and source a herd of purebred Gir cows. We set up a small facility at our family’s farm in Gurgaon to get unadulterated and hormone-free A2 milk for our family and friends.

What started out as a necessity to provide wholesome natural goodness for our friends and family has now become a full-fledged business wherein we pride ourselves in producing very high-quality A2 Milk and Ghee. As part of our Dairy initiative, we are committed to spreading awareness and making available the unique health benefits of A2 Milk from our farms that are dedicated to providing our patrons pure and fresh milk delivered directly to homes.

While our A2 Milk and Gir Cow Ghee are our anchor products. We have recently launched other products like Organic Cold Pressed Oils and Raw Honey. Following the basic premise of our brand , all our products are 100 % pure, natural and are organically produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or any sort of adulterants.


Our forefathers were one with nature and now it’s our turn as we revisit our roots for a healthier tomorrow.

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