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A2 Milk

We deliver fresh A2 milk of our Gir and Sahiwal cows from our farm within 2-3 hours of milking.

Our milk is 100% Natural and Pure, we don’t inject any sort of antibiotics or hormones to increase milk production. We remain committed to raising the cows using ayurvedic principles while feeding them, massaging them with tea tree oil, and using Ayurveda to heal them too.

As our A2 milk is delivered fresh in the mornings, currently we may not have delivery in your area. However, we are now looking at expanding our reach so send us a message with your location at +91 9810124427 and we will do our best to cater to your request.

Rs 150/- 1 litre

Gir Cow's A2 Ghee

Back2Basics Ghee is made from A2 milk of Pure Bred Gir Cows, one of the rare native Indian breeds. The Gir Cow is the most revered amongst the Desi cows, known for its healthy and nutritious milk containing the A2 Protein.
B2B Ghee is all about nutrition, love, and an unflinching commitment to our ancient, Indian Vedic traditional wisdom.

Rs 2950/- 1000 ml

Rs 1550/- 500 ml

Rs 945/- 300ml

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Our cold pressed mustard oil is 100% natural and pure .It’s made from the finest quality mustard seeds sourced from organic farms in India .The seeds are grown without use of any chemicals or pesticides. Cold Pressed Process ensures that none of the nutrients are lost and First Press oil makes it perfect for Indian cooking. The light yellow colour is indicative that oil is from first press unlike the oils available in the market.

Rs 569/- 1000ml
Rs 310/- 500ml

Virgin Coconut oil

Virgin Coconut oil is Cold Pressed and 100% Natural. Our oil is extracted from the coconut milk of the freshest and organically grown coconuts producing only the highest quality oil. The cold pressed method ensures that the oil retains all its nutritional value. This creamy extra virgin oil has a rich aroma and an enticing light coconut taste.

Rs 465/- 300ml

Multiflora Honey

Back2Basics Multifloral Honey is 100% Natural and Pure. We believe that the highest quality of honey comes from healthy bees in a clean environment. Our Honey is sustainably collected from the Uttarakhand Hills which is abundant in naturally growing flowering trees and plants. We are bee friendly and completely raw. Free from additives, chemicals and artificial processing.

Rs 650/- 500ml

Rs 220/- 100ml

Tulsi Honey

Back2Basics Honey is 100% Natural and monofloral. We believe that the highest quality of honey comes from healthy bees in clean environments. We are bee-friendly and completely raw, free from additives and artificial processing. Our honey is organically prepared and is filled with the nectar collected from Tulsi (Holy Basil) flowers.

Rs 650/- 500ml
Rs 220/- 100ml

A2 White Butter

Our butter is made from our Desi cows A2 milk following the traditional Bilona method of making butter with curd.
Our butter is made the way your grandmother would have made butter at home and is packed with the goodness of milk proteins, saturated fats, vitamin D and A, which helps in boosting immunity and is good for bone health.
Perfect accompaniment for all your winter delicacies like Saag and Makki ki roti and what’s better than a hot paratha with a dollop of home made white butter.
Add a loving touch to your cooking with Back2Basics white butter!

Rs 2000/- 1000g 
Rs 1100/- 500g
Rs 600/- 250g

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